Find out 12 Components of physical fitness

Physical fitness is one of the important aspects of health and quality of life. Physical fitness simply refers to body systems that make our body strong to perform all kinds of work. Physical fitness promotes strong muscles and bones. It improves the overall condition of our bodies and health.

Everybody needs to be strong so that they can handle all kinds of work in the coming days. When you are physically strong you will be able to cope with diseases and when you grow old you will be strong enough to handle all kinds of difficult tasks. By being physically healthy we will maintain our own health. We will be benefitted.

Not only body physical fitness even develops your brain and it makes your brain sharp. We should be more focused and dedicate ourselves to physical fitness. So, let’s now talk about the most prominent 12 components of physical fitness to improve our health and well-being.



Balance is one of the key components of physical fitness. Balancing simply means remaining stable and it is the ability to control the body movement. Having proper balance while doing exercise makes you fit and look mentally strong. Balancing your body prevents you from injuries and also improves body awareness.

Balance (12 components of physical fitness)

People get an advantage from balance training. Balance helps to improve the ability to perform day-to-day tasks. From balancing your life properly to maintaining balance in physical fitness everywhere balance plays an important role.

When you know how to balance life and handle all the activities going through your life you will be able to get successful in life similarly in physical fitness balance is necessary for controlling your body without getting hurt. It keeps you away from serious pain, injury, and so on. It will make your life more easier and comfortable. Balance is the key to life.


Fit is also among the 12 components of physical fitness. Fit means being both physically and mentally strong. Fit is remaining completely healthy. If the person is fit he/she can perform all kinds of daily activities. Fit also means maintaining a healthy weight with a properly balanced diet. Maintaining a good level of fitness is important.

Being fit means body composition without changing weight. Being fit means automatically being more strong. When you are fit you will be able to carry out all sorts of activities within a short period of time. We all know the universal fact that health is wealth. Being fit means being healthy and wealthy.

When you are healthy and fit you will be able to participate in different social activities which will be benefitted for society and the country. Everyone needs to be fit so that they will be able to have a good life with a proper mindset.

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Flexibility (12 components of physical fitness)

Another most important component of physical fitness is flexibility and it has many positive impacts on the body. Simply, flexibility means being flexible. A flexible body is useful in any kind of sector. It not only decreases injury but also increases mobility. Flexibility increases muscle recovery and helps to improve your athletic performance. Flexibility will make you look more positive and strong. When your body becomes flexible it means your body can handle all the fitness exercises but for that, you just be focused and actively perform the exercise. If you want to be physically fit you must learn to make your body smooth and comfortable.


Power is the ability or capacity to do something or act in a particular way. Power is the strength and the ability of the people. Power training includes exercises that apply the amount of force as fast as possible. Power is force. Your power determines your strength and weakness. Power is mostly used in sports activities. Power defines your quality and skill as well. Power is a mixture of energy and rapidity. Power is the definition of yourselves. When you have the power you will be able to cope with every problem that may arise in the future. You will have the ability to deal with the people so, develop yourselves.


12 components of physical fitness
Speed (12 components of Physical fitness)

Speed means the ability to move rapidly as fast as you can. Speed is the rate at which one can move all or part of their body. Speed requires good strength and power. Power and strength are related to each other. Speed trains more muscles. Maintaining speed automatically increases your physical fitness. Speed develops slowly and steadily but you have to keep on practicing on a regular basis. Practicing on a regular improves your health as well as speed. You should be very active because increasing speed is not so easy and it takes a lot of effort and time. So, we should push ourselves to maintain and increase speed. 


Reaction time refers to the speed at which a person is able to respond quickly. It is very important in sports and day-to-day activities. When you have that ability to respond quickly then you will be able to calculate your exercise within a time. So, if you need to be physically strong you must have a quick reaction.


One of the important components of physical fitness is a strength because your strength describes your personality and your attitude. Strength training helps to stay flexible and reduces the risk of fractures. When you have enough strength then you will be able to carry out any difficult tasks.


Coordination is the most important thing in our daily life. If we work coordinately we can achieve goals similarly in physical fitness coordination refers to moving two or more parts of your body to achieve a specific goal. Coordination not only develops fitness but also develops the area of the brain and it makes our body perform smooth movements.


Body composition is the most important in fitness because without proper body composition you won’t be able to perform any kind of exercise. Body composition is used to describe the fat, bone water, and muscles in the human body. Knowing your own body composition will tell you your own body is unique and help you to remain fit and healthy.


Agility helps the body to maintain proper posture during movement. Agility is the balance of a body quickly and effectively and it is also the ability to develop and change the direction. Agility encourages our body to gain an understanding of maintaining the correct body positioning.


This is another important component of physical fitness. It is the level at which lungs, heart, and muscles work combined when you are doing exercise. People can increase their cardiovascular endurance by doing exercise daily. This helps you to know how well your lungs, heart, and muscles are functioning.


Endurance is the ability to endure unpleasant or difficult situations without giving way. Muscular endurance is the ability to exert force and also it shows how long a muscle can perform. This makes your body strong and fit for a long period of time.



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