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Time is the most significant thing in the world for every human being. Time is running continuously. No, any human can stop time. We should move forward with the time. The watch was invented by Peter Henlein. In the 15th century, he created clock watches. Most people have started to wear watches and this has become so beneficial and comfortable for the people to go with the flow of time. The watch is available in different shapes and sizes.

Nowadays most people have started to wear smartwatches for luxury and fashion. Both males and females prefer to wear watches. They feel so comfortable and it has become easy for them to deal with the time as well. So, here are the Top 10 best luxury watches every woman should own.


HUBLOT BIG BAND BRODERIE ( 9 best luxury watches every woman should own )

One of the most luxurious watches that every woman should own is Hublot Big Band Broderie. It is also one of the most stylish watches that every woman would love to wear in hand. It looks so fascinating. It is made up of 11 diamonds matching the hand flawlessly and at the top of it, there is a 41mm steel case which is designated with a further 198.

The retail price of this watch is $21,200.The limited number of pieces of this diamond watch’s big band broderie is only 200. Most people can only afford this watch. This branded watch is available in different colors as well. 


ROLEX OYSTER PERPETUAL DATE JUST 31 (9 best luxury watches every woman should own)

Rolex oyster perpetual is also another most luxurious watch that every woman should own. This was first introduced in 1945 and it has an automatic movement. This watch is the version of Rolex which has a bezel set with the most 46 significant cut diamonds and also has a deep plum-colored, sunray finish dial.

These watches do come in different sizes from 28mm to 41mm in solid gold design, two-tone gold, and stainless steel. The official list price of Rolex oyster perpetual is 6500 USD. Datejust 31 is furnished with caliber 2236 which was introduced and fabricated by Rolex.  Every version of Rolex is so unique.



CHANEL ( 9 best luxury watches every woman should own )

One of the most iconic watches that every person has loved is Chanel. Chanel watches are so fascinating, stylish, and luxurious. They started making watches in 1987 in Switzerland when it initially introduced the ladies quartz movement premiere.

It is furnished with caliber 12.1 which has a five-year warranty generated by Kenissi, also Chanel had a partnership with Rolex and Tudor since 2018. The major part of Chanel is water-resistant. All kinds of Chanel watches are made in Chanel workshops in Switzerland(La Chaux de-fonds) with the most expertise of Swiss people.

Among the well-known other swiss watches, Chanel is young in history and also it had a huge impact on people’s style. Chanel became even more popular when the model J12 was introduced. Chanel is even more popular among celebrities because of its features and style. 


BAUME AND MERCIER ( 9 best luxury watches every woman should own )

Another most luxurious Swiss watch that every woman should own is Baume and Mercier. It was first introduced in 1830 now it belongs to the Richemont group that is Cartier, Piaget, IWC, Panerai. Baume and Mercier are some of the finest and solid brands with the most overwhelming and reliable movements.

Swiss watches are so branded with significant features. Most of the Baume and Mercier watches are furnished with an automatic mechanical movement which makes them look more advanced. These watches look stunning in both males and females. The price of Baume and Mercier varies according to the different models. Baume and Mercier are perfect for special moments.


BELL AND ROSS (9 best luxury watches every woman should own )

The most authentic luxurious watches are Bell and Ross. The Bell and Ross were introduced by Bruno Belamich and Carlos in 1992 which is now one of the most trustable brands in the market, The features of Bell and Ross are that it can display a second time, zone, date, countdown timer, and alarm with great accuracy.

Similarly, it has also a unique feature of a clean legible dial with Arabic or index hour markers. Bell and Ross are in square shape. It is propelled by a Quartz movement with a water resistance of up to 100 meters. The price of Bell and Ross varies according to its model and features. Approximately the price range starts from $2000-$9000. It is the most systematic watch which every woman should own.


BLANCPAIN ( 9 best luxury watches every woman should own )

The most well-known Swiss luxurious and old-fashioned handmade high-quality mechanical watch is Blancpain. It was first invented by Jehan-Jacques Blancpain in 1735 which was the oldest watchmaking brand in the world. Blancpain’s company has a slogan that says “ Blancpain has never made a Quartz watch and never will.”. Thirty watches are only produced in a day by a single watchmaker.

The Blancpain watches features include a tourbillon, minute repeater, perpetual calendar, split Chrono which is the grand complication. The price ranges from $25000 to $3000.Blancpain watches are so popular among sports fans and also divers.


LONGINES ( 9 best luxury watches every woman should own)

The most elegant Swiss watch was discovered in 1832 by Auguste Agassiz. The Longines is owned by the Swatch group. It is well known for being the most trustworthy and classy brand in terms of design. They manufacture both Quartz and mechanical watches. So, no doubt that they are of high quality.

The special feature of Longines is its accuracy, design, and revolution. Longines are so worthy even if you buy them you won’t regret them because of their special features and qualities. Longines are affordable in comparison to other models and brands.


Another swiss luxurious watch and jeweler is Piaget which is currently one of the advanced watchmakers of Richemont. Piaget was introduced by Georges Piaget in 1874. Piaget is one of the best recognitions in the luxury watch world. It has been awarded as the prize of watch of the year. Also, Piaget’s 1967 watch was rewarded as a design watch prize. The Piaget watch is recognized by many people but only worn by a few people. 


BREITLING ( 9 best luxury watches every woman should own)

Breitling is one of the luxurious Swiss watches that was founded in 1884 by Leon Breitling. Breitling is also the combination of both mechanical and quartz movements. Due to its advanced design and features, Breitling is quite expensive. Breitling is well known for its chronograph.

Breitling watches are used to present the measurement of the chronograph. Breitling is one of the most advanced and professional watches in the world. There is the perfect recognition value of a brand. Even famous celebrities often wear Breitling watches. The watch is so reliable and astonishing.


Another swiss watch that was invented in 1975 is Maurice Lacroix. It is also one of the branded watches which became so successful within a short period of time. Maurice Lacroix is owned by DKSH holdings. These watches use ETA’s movements. The price of Maurice Lacroix ranges from 940 USD to 2100 USD. Maurice Lacroix also produces all watch cases. Purchasing Maurice Lacroix will be worth it. It fits so perfectly and also looks so comfortable as well.

In this way, these are the top 10 luxury watches that every woman should own. Watch is also in different prices, shapes and sizes while most of them are expensive while some of them are affordable. Everyone should go with the flow of time because time will automatically develop our personality. 



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