Goldstriker iPhone 3gs Supreme overview

One of the most expensive iPhones that cost around the price tag of $3.2 million was designed by British artist Stuart Hughes which took around 10 months to complete and is worth buying. This iPhone was particularly made for Australian Businessmen. It is furnished with 22k gold and 136 diamonds. It was packaged in a 7kg granite box lined in nubuck leather and also the navigation button on the Goldstriker iPhone 3gs supreme is 7.1-carat diamond. The iPhone is named iPhone 3gs in which “S” stands for “speed” also it is so expensive because of its design and is very rare to find.

Performance and Memory

iPhone has less RAM but they use reference counting instead of garbage collection so, discarded objects are deleted promptly instead of building up in the free space until a collection cycle. It has the best performance which allows it to run faster and very efficiently and smoothly.The internal storage of this iPhone is 8GB 256MB RAM, 16GB 256MB RAM, 32GB 256MB RAM.This iPhone is very legal worldwide and it can be upgraded with new firmware without freezing up.

Design and Display

Design and display ( Goldstriker iPhone 3gs Supreme )

The design of the iPhone 3gs is so outstanding. The diagonal of this iPhone is 3.5 in 89(mm) diagonal and the aspect ratio screen is 3.2. 


One of the most important features of the iPhone is the camera.No matter how old the device is but the camera quality is beyond our expectations. The main camera is of 3.15Mp,f/2.8, AF, and similarly, the video is [email protected] is no selfie camera in this iPhone 3gs supreme. We can easily tap to focus video or still images. Most people are so attracted to iPhone only because of the camera features 

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Goldstriker iPhone 3gs Supreme Specs

DIMENSIONS 115.5 x 62.1 x 12.3 mm (4.55 x 2.44 x 0.48 in)
WEIGHT271 grams
BUILDFront part(diamonds), Apple logo on the back (high evacuated diamonds), case (a single block of pure granite)

Goldstriker iPhone 3gs Supreme price and availability

ModelGoldstriker iPhone 3gs Supreme price
Goldstriker iPhone 3gs Supreme $3.2 million 

Who owns Goldstriker iPhone 3gs Supreme?

The gold-striker iPhone 3gs supreme is owned by Stuart Hughes(British artist ) who is also the founder of gold-striker international who took around 10 months to complete this model.

iPhone 3GS Supreme Rose

iPhone 3gs Supreme rose (Goldstriker iPhone 3gs Supreme )

 Another most expensive iPhone with a price tag of 1.93 million. This iPhone is a combination of platinum and rose gold and it is equipped with 130 diamonds that are totally up to 97.5ct on the front.

iPhone 3GS Supreme Rose Price 

ModeliPhone 3GS Supreme Rose Price 
iPhone 3GS Supreme Rose£1.92 million 



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