If you’re considering purchasing a luxury car from one of the following brands, you’re in good company. As this list shows, these are some of the most popular luxury car brands in the United States, with Mercedes-Benz topping the charts and Porsche coming in as the newest entry. These companies have been making vehicles that get noticed since before most of us were born, and they haven’t stopped yet! Do you own one of these luxury cars brands?


The Most Popular Luxury Car Brands in the USA in 2022
Lexus (The Most Popular Luxury Car Brands in the USA in 2022)

The most popular luxury car brand in America is Lexus, a division of Toyota that was first introduced as a luxury sub-brand. With everything from compact sedans to large SUVs on offer, there’s something for everyone with a Lexus badge on their grill. The newest models include an all-new 2019 LS 460L sedan and an even larger 2019 LX 570 SUV—both hitting dealerships early next year. Let’s take a look at some of their hottest offerings so far…


BMW (The Most Popular Luxury Car Brands in the USA in 2022)

Headquartered in Munich, Germany, BMW AG is a leading luxury automaker worldwide. The company’s flagship brand includes its well-known 3 Series, 5 Series and 7 Series sedans as well as sports cars like the M3, M5 and Z4. Other lines include MINI cars, motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles. The company also produces engine components and accessories under its BMW Motorrad line of brands.


Mercedes-Benz (The Most Popular Luxury Car Brands in the USA in 2022)

The Mercedes-Benz brand was founded by Karl Benz. Located in Germany, Mercedes-Benz makes luxury cars that are ideal for anyone who needs a powerful and reliable mode of transportation. The S-Class is one of their most popular models, offering high levels of comfort, safety and technological innovation. The impressive power of these vehicles means they can be driven on a variety of terrains with ease. They also have plenty of storage space and are incredibly smooth to drive. Any true luxury car fan would love to have one!


Audi (The Most Popular Luxury Car Brands in the USA in 2022)

The Audi luxury car brand has been around since 1899. The company began with a series of bicycles and then branched out into automobile manufacturing, with its first cars appearing on roadways around 1905. The company is headquartered in Ingolstadt, Germany. Today, Audi is best known for its line of popular performance vehicles and hybrids. The company also produces a line of luxury SUVs for consumers who want to drive comfortable and enjoy unique engineering features at a price that won’t break their budget.

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The most popular luxury car brand in America, Cadillac is a family business that’s been operating since 1902. They were originally an automaker and later made their name by producing leather goods like wallets and handbags for decades before releasing their first automobile to compete with Ford Motor Company. Nowadays, Cadillac is recognized for its high-quality vehicles that are very well designed, offering a choice of four kinds of engines including direct injection and performance chips at affordable prices. Check out Cadillac’s lineup of luxury cars today!


If you live in America, chances are you’ve already heard of Acura—but chances are you don’t know much about them. While you may not think of Acura when it comes to cars, they’re a popular luxury vehicle brand with a presence across North America. With a variety of luxurious car models and a long history spanning three decades, Acura is still going strong today.


For luxury car buyers who want to keep things classy, Infiniti is definitely a name to know. It’s also one of America’s top-selling luxury car brands and has been around since 1989. This year, there are about 25 models on offer, including sedans, coupes and crossovers—you can even buy an SUV that looks like it came from a Star Wars movie! And since it’s part of Nissan Group, you know you can trust them.

Land Rover

Land Rover (The Most Popular Luxury Car Brands in the USA in 2022)

As a British brand, Land Rover has certainly found success stateside. Over here, it’s known for its luxurious SUVs, including several that have earned critical acclaim and accolades from automotive publications. Over in Great Britain, meanwhile, Land Rover is also well-known for producing performance versions of its off-road vehicles. It’s been at it for years now, so fans are no doubt familiar with what kind of vehicle they can expect to find under that hood — namely lots of power.


Lincoln (The Most Popular Luxury Car Brands in the USA in 2022)

The Lincoln Motor Company was founded by Henry M. Leland, who after studying mechanical engineering at Cornell University, went on to found Cadillac (along with engineer Henry M. Leland Jr.). The luxury car brand is known for its luxurious Continental and Town Car models. In 1999, Ford purchased Lincoln and re-branded it as a luxury model under its division; it remains one of top luxury brands today.


When it comes to luxury cars, most people think of German marques like BMW and Mercedes-Benz. But U.S. customers are actually a bigger fan of Porsche than any other car brand. The automaker is especially popular among sports car enthusiasts: one-third of new 911 buyers in 2015 repeated customers for Porsche’s top-of-the-line model.


The most popular luxury car brands in America, based on Google search data, are Lexus and Cadillac. However, there are many other popular American luxury car brands besides these two. For example, Infiniti is another very popular car brand (especially among celebrities). Each year new cars from BMW and Mercedes-Benz hit American roadways as well. Every major auto company’s list of vehicles ranges from sedans to SUVs to pickup trucks.


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